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AIF Trading & Packing Services initially began importing various fresh fruits and vegetables including frozen poultry and meat products from one of the largest South American & Asian export economies in the world; Its networks then expanded to Europe, Southeast Asia, Canada, South America, South Africa and Oceania where our Australian networks form the majority of our trades.

Our Main Values


Our Supply Chain

AIF Trading & Packing Services supply chain is composed of global and local sourcing, purchasing, freight, logistics, import and finally distribution. We recognize the importance of individualism in serving our local market and attracting global suppliers. Building on our supplier relationships and networks are key to our success. From commercial procedures that entail establishing sales contracts to transport and regulatory procedures, and finally, financial procedures, the AIF Trading & Packing Services team ensures quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain and promises a thorough distribution and sourcing cycle, along with just-in-time delivery.


Global Supplier Network

  • Strive for customer satisfaction by ensuring fresh and timely delivery of imports.
  • Ensure continuous product growth and innovation by increasing the AIF Trading & Packing Services number of targeted ports globally.
  • Increase capacity and streamline the process to secure a competitive advantage.
  • Remain cost competitive.
  • Ensure minimum risk through safe packaging of perishable products

Strategic Objectives


Corporate Social Responsibility

The spirit of AIF Trading & Packing Services is based on Sustainable Responsible Business. We believe in Ethical Trading throughout the value and supply chain. We treat our suppliers and employees fairly and ethically as they are our greatest asset. We believe that the root of organizational growth is Corporate Social Responsibility. In order to build our reputation and increase sales and consumer loyalty, it is important for us to behave ethically with our international suppliers. When selecting our suppliers we ensure to check for health and safety procedures, environmental policies and employment practices to ensure ethical and fair value. We contribute to developing economies through the sourcing of high quality, ethically sourced and unique imports. Our responsibility towards Qatar remains our strategic imperative in order to ensure credibility. Welfare to our local employees and support to local suppliers is inevitably key to our success. We try to source local before global, we are invested in engaging local talent and staff retention, more importantly, we are positively engaged in the community.